Study of Iron Ore Mining & Exploration in China

China's rapid development of urbanization and industrialization has generated vigorous demand for iron and steel products. As China is currently the world’s largest steel producer and consumer, the nation’s demand for iron ore is substantial. Over the past five years, China has made major progress in developing its domestic iron ore mines, while revenue for China’s iron ore mining industry has been growing over 20% per year on average. Now, more Chinese iron and steel companies are investing in domestic iron ore resources.

Custeel Research Center has collated and analyzed current iron ore mining production capacity, as well as forecasts of future expansion in subscription survey Study of Iron Ore Mining & Exploration in China.

It provides geographical breakdown of capacity, forecast, sales target and production cost etc., as well as clear commentary of what factors really matter and have contributed to China iron ore mining industry’s growth in recent years and are expected to further boost future growth.

The Study of Iron Ore Mining & Exploration in China helps you:

  1. Analyze current capacity, competitors and market opportunities;
  2. Identify geographical undersupply or overproduction on a product by product basis;
  3. Gain a solid foundation for China iron ore mining cost;
  4. Obtain an insight into factors driving the iron ore mining industry in China;
  5. Forecast long term industry development trends.

China Iron Ore Production Cost Survey, also being as a supplement for the Study of Iron Ore Mining & Exploration in China, provides information and analysis on production costs for China iron ore products and predicts cost trends/forecasts that will affect and be affected by the iron ore and steel market in the short and medium term.

The China Iron Ore Production Cost Survey comprises of a written report highlighting key points of analysis; plus detailed data in Microsoft Excel format, including: production capacity/cost/expansion plan/targeted sales area by plant/by region, and etc.

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Study of Iron Ore Mining & Exploration in China
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