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India Govt Allows Power Producers to Switch Coal L...

The Indian government has announced that private thermal power companies will be allowed to switch coal supply linkages from one coal company to another, but electricity producers are not sure that the move will deliver industry-wide benefits. "Coal li...Full Article

Shanxi Raw Coal Output Totals 270 Mt in Jan-Apr, U...

Northern China's Shanxi province produced 268.62 million tonnes of raw coal in the first four months, almost unchanged from a year ago, showed data from the province's statistical office. In January-April, the added value of the coal industry increased...Full Article

Germany Could Shut Down Half of Its Coal Capacity

Germany could reduce its coal-fired power generation capacity by half in the coming years if planned grid expansion and the addition of new gas-fired plants come online on schedule, the head of its energy regulator said. "Half of coal-fired power pl...Full Article
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