Umetal Advertising


What is Umetal?

Umetal, a Beijing-based authoritative and professional information provider mainly covering news, market prices, China port information & stockpile trend and industrial data for the global steel & raw materials industries. Subscribers receive daily prices by email and access to other services via the UMETAL website

We host 2 global conferences in different locations each year along with a numbers of other more small, local gatherings.

Who Read Us?

Steelmakers, traders, shipping companies, analysts, end-users from four industries of iron ore, ferroalloy, scrap/pig iron and steel, and other associated institutes, banks and professionals read UMETAL at the start of each working day. UMETAL's global and regional coverage will ensure your advertising message reaches the decision makers in over 63 countries.

Why Advertising with UMETAL?

·UMETAL homepage attracts over 4,000 visits every day
·UMETAL iron ore channel attracts over 3,000 visits every day
·UMETAL ferroalloy channel attracts over 2,000 visits every day
·UMETAL steel channel attracts over 2,000 visits every day
·UMETAL DAILY emails to over 300 readers every day
·All UMETAL readers are willing to seek for business partners via UMETAL
·Many UMETAL members do business successfully under UMETAL's introduction

Key Readership Data


 Distribution        Readers
 Iron Ore Page 3,000
 Ferroalloy Page 2,000
 Steel Page 2,000
 Scrap/Pig Iron Page 1,500
 Industry Sector     %
 Producer 18
 Trader 33
 Logistics 16
 End User 11
 Supplier 12
 Analysts/Institutes 6
 Banks 4


Please Note:

It is the advertiser's responsilibity to provide company logo or company website address to Umetal in the required format and date. Umetal will run it in the advertiser's appointed place within one working day upon receipt of adertiser's remittance confirmation letter. If remittance is not processed by the appointed date, Umetal retains the right to put other ad in this place.

Logo artwork produced with Flash cannot be accepted for technical reasons. The final size for all flash show in umetal website is 150*120 pixels.

You are kindly requested to send your company logo, desired ad place, rate and period. Please also contact for further details.