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Package Annual Subscription Rate
Package 1: Raw Materials
(incl. access to iron ore, ferroalloy, coal & coke, billet, scrap & pig iron channel; 5 channels in total)
US$ 3,000
Package 2: Raw Materials, Carbon Steel Channel and Stainless Steel Channel
(incl. services under package 1, plus HR/CR, wire rod & rebar, plates, coated & Plated, pipe & tube, strip and section under carbon steel channel, as well as stainless steel channel; 7 channels in total)
US$ 4,000
 Package 3: Raw Materials, Carbon Steel Channel, Stainless Steel Channel and Base Metal Channel
(incl. services under package 1 & 2, plus base metal channel; 8 channels in total)
US$ 4,500
Custeel Index
(incl. China iron ore spot price index, China steel production cost index and China steel price Index; 3 channels in total)
US$ 2,500
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Annual Subscription Rate

Raw Materials

Iron Ore Channel

US$ 2,000

Ferroalloy Channel

US$ 800

Coal & Coke Channel

US$ 1,000

Billet Channel

US$ 800

Scrap & Pig Iron Channel

US$ 1,200

Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel Channel
(Incl. HR/CR, Wire Rod & Rebar, Plates, Coated & Plated, Pipe & Tube, Strip, and Section)

US$ 1,500

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Channel

US$ 1,000

Base Metals

Base Metal Channel

US$ 800

Custeel Index

China Iron Ore Spot Price Index

US$ 1,500

China Steel Production Cost Index

US$ 800

China Steel Price Index

US$ 800