Umetal Overseas VIP Club

Enrollment Criteria of Umetal VIP Club

· Membership is non-compulsory and members should willingly take part in various activities organized by VIP Club, prompt payment of dues.
· Any mining companies, mine owners and relevant overseas enterprises currently export to China, or are willing to have do business with Chinese enterprises.
· Have mines with annual capacity over 2 million tons, or quantity of exporting to Chinese enterprises: no less than 8 million tons.
· No trade dispute.
· Have a good credit standing and quality reputation within the industry.

How to Join:

· Understand the requirements of joining Umetal VIP Club.
· Contact Umetal VIP Club secretary.
· Send application form to Umetal.
· Wire annual VIP fee US$10,000 to Umetal.
· Contact Umetal VIP Club secretary and confirm.
· Formally joined.

For enquiries feedback,please contact:

Tel: +86 10-8418 4883
 Email: inquiry@custeel
 Fax: +86 10-8418 4895