International Steel and Minerals Conference 2018

The International Steel and Minerals Conference 2018 is to be hosted by Custeel and Hangzhou Hanggang Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Co., Ltd. at JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China during Jun 28-29, 2018.
Since the beginning of 2018, global political economy has experienced headwinds, with diversified trends of bulk commodities, accelerated economic and financial consolidation, irregular fluctuation of Brent crude and more uncertainties in global economy. The outlook for ferrous metals remains .… [MORE]



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Xiang Songzuo

Renowned Economist

Gao Shanwen

Chief Economist, Essence Securities

Wang Liqun

Vice Chairman, CISA

Wang Fenghai

General Manager, Dalian Commodity Exchange

Zhuang Binjun

Group Manager of Business Development, FMG

Joao Mendes Faria

Minerals China President, Vale
Jun 28, 2018 Registration & Seminar
8:30-21:00 Registration Venue: JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou
8:00-12:00 “Custeel Iron Ore VIP Club” Private Session 
13:30-18:30 Seminar
Session I: Internationalization of Iron Ore Futures
The impact of overseas investment on iron ore futures
Interpretation of the rules of iron ore futures internationalization
Introduction of business processes of settlement and delivery of overseas iron ore transactions
The influence of futures internationalization on iron ore pricing
Futures delivery issues

Session II: Derivatives Innovation
Introduction of portside iron ore index and iron ore swaps
The cooperation between financial institutions and enterprises on swap business
Business entities' experience on using derivatives
Analysis and outlook of iron ore price fluctuation

Session III: Shipping & Logistics
The current situation of international crude oil market
The solution to international shipping problems
Asian factors in the Baltic Index
Shipping market status and freight rate forecast
The freight risk control of non-mainstream port

Session IV: Revelation of the Economic and Cultural History of Song Dynasty
-----Speaker: Professor of Zhejiang University
Session V: Coal, Coke and Steel Scrap
Outlook for global coking coal market and the impact of the development of coal market in Mongolia and Australia
The results of China's supply-side reform in coal industry and its impact on production cost of coal enterprises
Analysis of coal and coke supply and demand in H2 2018
How to solve the contradiction between high-quality coking coal tightness and blast furnace upsizing?
Concentration enhancement of coal enterprises and the evolution trend of pricing
Forecast of China's scrap supply in future
Steel Scrap standardization constraints and futures issues
How to raise the proportion of scrap resources in production
Changes and characteristics of scrap resources’ destination
Outlook for steel scrap market in H2 2018
Session VI: Financial Internet
-----Speaker: Financial Internet Bank
Private Session: China's Domestic Iron Ore Enterprise Close-door Meeting
13:30-18:00 2nd Session Custeel Summer Steel Market Seminar
Analysis of mergers, reorganizations and layout changes in steel industry
Innovation and development of steel supply chain management
Environment-friendly policy and steel mills’ survival of the fittest
Electric steelmaking’s Impact on the market in H2 2018
Forecast of downstream industry’s demand for steel
Steel exports under trade war
Outlook for steel market in H2 2018
Problem in steel trading standardization and its solution
Application of financial derivatives in steel trading
Forecast of steel exports under trade friction
Jun 29, 2018 Morning Session
  Opening Address
To be Advised, Chairman, Custeel
Leadership, Dalian Commodity Exchange
Leadership, Steel Mill
  Industry Interpretation
China Steel Industry Policy and Opportunity
-----Leadership, China Iron and Steel Association (CISA)
Supply-side Reform Progress and Achievement of Steel Industry
Steel Industry Development Characteristics and Problems
Steel Industry Concentration Rate and Future Layout
How do Steel Companies Implement the “Go Global” Strategy?
Environmentally-friendly Development of Steel Mills
How does U.S.-China Trade War Affect Steel Export?

Global Changes and Economic Outlook
-----Renowned Economist

Global Changes' Impact on Future Economy
U.S.-China Trade War’s Influence on World Economy
Economic Transform vs Trade War
Expanding Domestic Consumption under the Backdrop of Deleveraging and Trade War
Outlook for Futures Economy
Belt and Road & China’s Globalization Layout
Survival and Opportunity under New Economic Situation

  Operation and Management

How do Steel Companies Transform & Upgrade Against the Backdrop of Green Development

----- Leadership, Steel Company

Steel Company’s Merge & Reorganization and Operation Mode Innovation
----- Leadership, Top China Steel MillMarket Logic and Analysis Under Increasing Global Iron Ore Supply
---- Leadership, Global Mining Company New Trend of Iron Ore Pricing Integrating with Spot Price in RMB
----To be Advised, Global Mining CompanyNew Circle of the Development of Chinese Mining Company
----Leadership, Metallurgical Mines Association of China
Jun 29, 2018 Afternoon Session
  Combination Between Industry and FinanceNew
Opportunity for Steel Industry Brought by Iron Ore Futures Internationalization
----- Leadership, Dalian Commodity Exchange
Analysis on Finance Innovation and Combination Between Industry & Finance
----- To be Advised, Financial Institution
  Investment and Trade
Major Asset Allocation in 2017-2019
----- To be Advised, Expert from Investment Institution
New Thought on Iron Ore Futures & Spot Market Operation under New Environment
----- To be Advised, Iron Ore Trading Company

Panel Discussion: Insights from Related Companies

Panelists: Steel Companies and Distribution Firms
Main Topics:
Discussion on Companies' Operation Situation and Problems in 2018
Where is the Peak Point of Blast Furnaces' Operating Rate under High Environmental Protection Pressures?
Will Raw Material Stocks Start to Recover?
How does Deleveraging Affect Entity Enterprises?
Iron Ore Price Forecast in H2
Will the Quality of Imported Ore Improve under Environmental Requirement?
Steel Mills' Raw Material Purchasing Strategies Changes under Supply-side Structural Reform
Application Strategies of Financial Derivatives of Entity Enterprises

  Panel Discussion: Transaction Research
Panelists: Researchers and Dealers
Main Topics:
Middle and Long-term Trend of Global Bulk Commodity Market
How to Evaluate the Influence of Trade Dispute between US and China on Bulk Commodity Market?
How to View the Influence of Iron Ore Futures Internationalization?
Analysis on Hedging Opportunities among Different Products of Ferrous Metal Industry Chain
Major Contradictions of Ferrous Metal Markets in 2018
How Will the Trading Strategies of Ferrous Metal Futures Market Change in H2?
Demand of Iron Ore Trading Entity in Ferrous Metal Trade
Q & A of Hot Topics
  Market Insight
Ferrous Metal Market Opportunities Entering New Cycle
---- To be Advised, Analyst, Custeel