Who We Are?

Umetal is a Beijing-based authoritative and professional information provider. We devote to comprehensive information and consulting services for iron and steel industry.

Umetal has 9 offices with around 500 staff, an industrial expert team and a group of professional analysts.

Nine Offices All Over China
What We Can Do?
On-line AD

-Why Advertising with Umetal?

Our Chinese version website serves over 300,000 clients across iron and steel industry, as well as other associated industries, including Chinese steelmakers, traders, shipping companies, analysts, end-users, banks and professionals.

Not only formal members can see the online advertisements but also temporary free trial users or even non-registered visitors.

Publication AD

- Advertising on Umetal publications, which are sent to subscribers in HTML format via email or posted to readers in print version.

- Nearly 1,980 viewers per day.

Email Flyer or Fax

- A single Email flyer or fax will be created in Chinese to introduce your company and product details.

- All Umetal Chinese clients can receive the email and fax regularly.

Buy and Sell

- An ideal supply-demand platform for importers & exporters seeking for business partners in China.

- All the viewers could post buying or selling leads on the site. And all the staff of Umetal would be happy to help translate the foreign leads and post them on Umetal Chinese  version website, www.umetal.com.

Mobile Phone SMS

- Your buying or selling leads will be translated into Chinese and sent directly to Umetal Chinese clients' mobile phone.

-Reach China iron & steel industry participants anywhere/anytime.

- 6,680 SMS users.


Web Design

- We provide professional website design services for companies, businesses and individuals.

- Our web designers will be responsible for the visual aspect, including the layout, coloring and typography of a web page.

Minisite / E-Shop

- Create a minisite/E-shop for your company and localize your product information in CHINA!

- Use your company account and update the company information anytime.

Conference Promotion

- Umetal, acting as the organizer, has successfully held over 12 conferences in Changsha,   Chengdu, Yinchuan, Nanjing, Xiamen, Nanchang, Xi'an Yunnan, Jinan & Chongqing with over 6,000 participants.

Sina Weibo

- Chinese Twitter, with 300 million registered users.

- Be Umetal fan, get links with Chinese buyers & sellers.

Baidu Brand Zone

- Baidu has almost 1 billion PV (Page view) everyday, via SEO, any information related to our industry will lead the browsers to Umetal Brand Zone!

There are two simple ways to quickly benefit from the above:
1. Email to: inquiry@custeel.com
2. Call on: +86-10-5793 0682