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A Study of Iron Ore Mining & Exploration in China

The Study of Iron Ore Mining & Exploration in China helps you:

1. Analyze current capacity, competitors and market opportunities;

2. Identify geographical undersupply or overproduction on a products by product basis;

3. Gain a solid foundation for China iron ore mining cost;

4. Obtain an insight into factors driving the iron ore mining...Full Details

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Market Indicators
Domestic Iron Ore
Region Product Spec. EXW Price
Chaoyang C* 66% acid 940.0
Tangshan C* 66% acid 1311.0
Zibo C* 64% alkali 1359.0
Daye C* 64% acid 1030.0
C*: Concentrate; RMB/dmt, Tax included
Port Stocks
Region 19-Feb 7-day Change
Total 127.3 1.25
Australia 60.11 1.22
Brazil 39.91 0.57
Trading 61.78 1.23
Remark: million tonnes.
Domestic Iron Ore
Dry Shipping