Custeel Overseas VIP Club

Custeel VIP Club assists its members in acquiring the updated China iron ore and steel news, learning about China metallurgical market, and meanwhile, establishing close and good contact with Chinese steelmakers and traders, therefore, to expand business.

At present, the VIP Club, also being the only one in China iron and steel industry, has over 30 members, including China's top 10 steelmakers and top 10 iron ore trading companies.

To meet the needs of growing membership in expanding business, we will be expanding overseas VIP membership this year, mostly open to overseas iron ore miners and enterprises actively exporting to Chinese enterprises. The goal is to grow Custeel VIP Club to 100 member firms.

Custeel Overseas VIP Club aims to establish an effective communicating bridge to serve the industry, and create a better communication platform to bring together global iron ore miners, Chinese steelmakers, freight companies, traders and banks.


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